Glory RZ100

Superior Styling and Performance in Cash-in/Cash-out Automation. Recycling System increases efficiency.

The GLORY RZ-100 banknote recycling machine enables banks and other financial institutions to efficiently and automatically recycle the banknotes at the cashier desk. The RZ-100 automates deposits, withdrawals and change transactions while simultaneously providing effective counterfeit detection, based on an advanced detector package. The machine is controlled via the cashier terminal or a freestanding PC. Tedious machine replenishment and emptying is minimized due to the internal banknote recycling system where deposited notes are immediately available for withdrawals.


Recycling System
Increases efficiency by allowing the use of deposited banknotes for withdrawals. Also minimizes jams by recycling only notes that are in good condition.

Increase Teller Productivity
Faster speed allows tellers to process more transactions quickly, increasing productivity, and reducing customer wait times.

Escrow Function
Rather than sending counted banknotes immediately to a cassette, the RZ-100 escrow function holds them until the transaction is concluded. If the customer cancels the transaction or a recount is required, the original notes are returned to the teller.



Deposit: 150 notes
Dispense: 150 notes


Deposit:5 notes/sec.
Dispense: 4 notes/sec.

Storage Units

8 Cassettes, 300 notes/cassette

Escrow Unit

150 notes

Collection Cassette

2,000 notes

Dimensions ( W x D x H )

380 x 1,035 x 909 mm *1

*1 Size for UL-Business Hour type
Glory RZ 100 Video